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Leading With Love Parenting can help you leave a Legacy of Love and Connection.

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In this private group, you'll find more information on parenting a teen, improving your self-esteem, how to better meet your own needs, and tools for learning how to lead with love. 

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Expert clinical experience leading you on a step-by-step supportive journey to create real, deep, positive, meaningful change in yourself, your teen, and your family. These changes will make change for generations to come.

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Our online courses allow you to move at your own pace and learn handpicked skills and techniques to influence and better lead your family. 

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Nicole McDonald, LCSW-R

Hi there! I'm Nicole. I'm a Parent Coach, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a mother of 3 grown girls.

I've worked for 20+ years helping teens and their mothers navigate the angst and eye-rolling of the teen years. 

I've worked as a high school social worker for 18 years and I have 8+ years of experience as an emergency room psychiatric social worker.

Additionally, I own a private practice where I focus on guiding teens and their families to a deeper understanding of the ways they have the power to recreate a meaningful relationships. One where they can rely on and trust in each other.

Together we have created meaningful individual plans that have helped moms lead their family with love, creating an impact that will last for generations. 

So many of our negative interactions are the result of miscommunication and our history. I promise it is never too late or too early to take action to ensure your family is on the right path. 

I have spent so many years sitting across from young women listening to the heart-wrenching pain and fear they felt.

Every single one desperately wanted their mother.

What I found was that often mothers didn't know how to bridge the gap.

They also wanted to be there for their daughters, but most times ended up just creating more distance and resentment.

 I knew I had the answer to quickly connect families, so I launched Leading With Love and the rest is history!

Ready For The Leading With Love Experience?

If you are tired of the eye-rolling, the slamming doors and disrespect, then you are in the right place. Whether you choose our FB Group, a self-paced course, or to reach out to me personally, you are taking the first step to putting yourself, your daughter and your family back on the right path!


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